Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MicroBlog Extended

I haven't posted since my birthday. Hmm....here is an update....

Went to the Young at Heart Chorus with Cyn and Steph for my birthday. Hung out with Mary T. at the Summers Day Revels. Bought some new furniture for the apartment I'm moving to in August. Saw the Somerville fireworks. Did some shopping with mom in Kittery, ME. Had dinner with Joanie and went to Mycroft's art opening. Took a surfing lesson on July 4th and banged my head, neck, and shoulder. Yikes! Went to a librarian cocktail hour. Wicked cool! Spent some time with Carol, Danny, and the kids. Had dinner with some work friends, and Sarah last week. Interviewed for a records management adjunct teaching thing. Saw the Mighty Mighty BossTones and Dropkick Murphys with Rachel. Went to a bbq at Patrice's. Hung out at a party in Scituate last Saturday and then spent time with Theresa. Sunday I went to see Wanted. Continue to get amazing organically grown vegetables at the farm! Yum!

Of course you can read all about this at Twitter.....I'm just a little lazy about posting here these days.

Lets see...what is up and coming.....

Thinking about and getting ready for my move...Cole Porter Cabaret thing....CTA faith sharing group....dinner with Brenda, Mommy on the Floor and family, maybe seeing Mama Mia with Megan this weekend etc.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Birthday Girl

I turned 35 today. Think I'll run for President in the fall!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Once You Go Mac

So I bought myself a 35th birthday present today....a MacBook. I hear once you go Mac you don't go back. We'll see how this goes. I'm making the switch from Microsoft to Mac and I'm a little scared. I got a pretty good deal though. I got the MacBook, a touch screen ipod, a printer, Office for Mac, .Mac, and the Apple Care Protection Plan all for around $1700 (after rebate). Pretty good huh? I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Summer in the City

Wow....what a weekend. It has been 90 degrees both days this weekend in Boston. Went to Ogunquit Beach in Maine yesterday. It was a lot less warm there than here. Got a wicked sunburn. Didn't even notice until I got home because it was so cold on the beach in Maine. Had a great dinner at the Front Porch with B and Lyne. Went to see For the Bible Tells Me So with Megan today. I enjoyed the movie, but there isn't too much to say about it. The message is right on. I'm really bothered by people who use the Bible and religion to discriminate against gay and lesbian people. Folks really need to read the Bible in context. People shouldn't use it to hate...or create wars.......

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Meat Share Blues

We just got back from the farm. We decided to not continue with the meat share after all because 10 pounds a month is too much for us during the summer. So.......we got our last meat share today. We got chicken legs, chicken breasts, lamb shoulder chops, ground beef patties, ground beef, beef chuck shoulder london broil, sweet italian sausages, beef round eye steak, and lamb for kabobs. I'm bummed that we won't be getting the share anymore. The meat was yummy, the farmers were really cool, we knew where our meat was coming from. BUT....we can always catch them at the farmers market...so I don't think our relationship with the meat farmers is over entirely. AND...our vegetable farm will be starting up in a couple of weeks. So...we should be good to go for now.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday in Boston

I spent the afternoon hanging out with my grandfather in South Boston. Pa is getting older and this is the first time he has lived on his own for years. Hanging out with him is always fun! Today he told me about how his uncle made over a million dollars bootlegging and about how he used to roller skate to the art museum with his sister as a kid and even confessed to being scared when he found himself alone in the mummy room. If you saw the movie the Departed then you saw his front door. They managed to cut down one of his rose bushes during filming which brought my 80 something year old grandfather to tears. He had had that bush for something like 40 years. My aunt called Warner Bros to complain and they graciously planted another bush and put another one on their stoop with a big bow on it.

I left my grandfather's place and parked at the Boston Harbor Yacht Club to sit on the beach for awhile. It was about to rain, but the salt air and beach sand made me even more excited about the approaching summer.

While I was in Southie I decided to stop at Bailey's for coffee. I ordered a small REGULAH! On the way back to the car I realized I was parked right in front of Murphy's Law. If you saw Gone Baby Gone then Murphy's Law might sound familiar to you. Murphy's Law is where the final scene of the movie was shot.

On my way back to Somerville I drove over the bridge near the power plant and saw a small military ship parked at Black Falcon Terminal and then over by the James Hook Lobster Company to see the what was left of the building. The James Hook Lobster Company has been a New England Tradition since 1925 and unfortunately was the victim of a seven alarm fire yesterday. The fire department was still there throwing water on the building as I drove by today. I hope they will be able to re-build. I went over the beautiful Lenny Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge and saw the Bunker Hill Monument in the distance.

I finally arrived home and thought about my day. I realized that I love Boston and love living here. This is a great city, I grew up here, it is a part of me, and I couldn't imagine wanting to live anywhere else.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One Other Thing.....

B and I were driving back to Boston today via Wellfleet and noticed someone riding a horse on the side of the road. We were initially take aback because we didn't expect to see someone riding a horse. Then we both realized at the same time that the rider was Barbara Austin. Barbara Austin was the Wellfleet OysterFest Shuck Off winner in both 2006 and 2007. We were pretty psyched because we love the OysterFest (the Shuck Off is my favorite part) and Barbara is a shucking superstar!

Memorial Day 2008

We just got back from Provincetown. We went to celebrate our 7th anniversary and have gone every year (except for the year my mother was sick) since 2001. What a weekend! We managed to avoid the gaggles of drunk college girls and enjoyed our time there. We stayed at the always lovely Oxford Guest House. We love the Oxford and Trevor and Stephen are great! Happy birthday to Stephen.....I believe today is his special day. Lets see....what did we do? I'll fill you in on our adventures. We ate lots and LOTS of food. We consumed pizza at Spiritus (oh yeah....three espresso shakes too...yum!) and George's, enjoyed lunch at Ross' Grill, found a new amazing place called Victor's, hung out with Erin for raw bar (I don't eat seafood, but my fries were good) happy hour at Clem and Ursies, had a great fried seafood and burger meal at the Lobster Pot with Mommy on the Floor and family, and shared a tasty sandwich and cupcake from Relish. All this fried food is causing havoc so tomorrow I'm back to salad and yogurt. But that being said....it was good going down. I managed to get a teeny bit of exercise in though. B got me a really cool new yoyo (I think I'm getting my yoyo groove back) and we biked to the end of town and back one evening. We also spent some time at the beach, did some reading and sudoku in the garden at Oxford, went to see Suzanne Westenhoefer and Kate Clinton, and took in an AMAZING whale watch (probably the best one I have ever been on). I also took the opportunity to fly Wilma this weekend. Wilma is a 1927 Waco GXE biplane and the oldest commercial aircraft operating in the USA. This was one of the COOLEST things I have ever done. I highly recommend going out for a ride in Wilma if you are ever down the Cape. I managed to record a little bit of my ride.......check it out........